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Australians take more than nine million trips overseas each year, and many live abroad. Travelling or living overseas can be rewarding, but also carries potential risks. To help Australians avoid difficulties overseas, Australian Government maintains travel advisories for more than 170 destinations.


What are travel advisories?

Travel advisories assist Australians to make informed decisions about overseas travel. They highlight the range of threats that you could face at your destination, whether related to security, safety, health, local laws, entry/exit requirements, or natural disasters. They also highlight areas that are clearly not safe for travel.

By understanding these threats, you will be better placed to avoid, minimise, or cope with difficulties overseas. This is true for a holiday, business trip, school visit or university exchange.

Australian Government maintains travel advisories for more than 170 destinations. Also produce bulletins for special events (such as ANZAC Day commemorations) and issues (such as the Schengen Convention).

These travel advisories and bulletins offer advice. But they are not the only documents you should read. We encourage all Australian travellers to seek out a broad range of information, including from guide books, news reports, friends, and online resources. In areas where more serious threats exist, we also encourage you to consider subscribing to commercial services providing information on the safety and security environment.

As part of your pre-trip planning, we strongly recommend that you read and subscribe to the travel advice, regardless of the location or the length of your trip. It is a key component of being a well-informed and resilient traveller.

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